7 Jun 2014

Happy Birthday Gruffalo

15 years! I'm nearly 20, 5 years old when that Gruffalo arrived.
With his terrible tusks, and terrible claws and terrible teeth in his terrible jaws. 
So how does a Gruffalo celebrate their birthday, maybe with some scrambled snake and owl ice-cream?! Or even a game of 'pin the tusks on the Gruffalo'.

Well the forestry commission are celebrating, with life size sculptures of the Gruffalo across 15 sites.

We were lucky enough to see the gruffalo's being made from scratch.
In the sunshine, watching a clever man (Neil Bruce) with a noisy chainsaw, and even a chance for the children to get messy themselves with a bit of paint. We were very lucky... Followed by some yummy food and decorating our very own Gruffalo cupcake... It all went down a treat!

Now it's your chance to join in the Gruffalo celebrations, pack up your Gruffalo themed picnic and join the party at one of the 15 sites as of 7th June. Where you can go on the hunt for the mouse, snake, fox and owl... Then go wish the wooden Gruffalo a very happy birthday! 

Stuck for party ideas why not take a look at our Pinterest board!

*we are lucky enough to be forestry commission bloggers, and were invited to this exclusive event and received a goody bag. This does not in anyway effect our opinions.

6 Jun 2014

The power of Media

Now I have found a lot of friends have lately been attempting to start their own businesses, it seems the latest thing. I am guessing it in hope of making a bit more money and 'better' hours. Though to me all that screams out is STRESS.

Though out of my group if friends I am the one who seems to be ahead of the game when it comes to social media and all things online *picks up tablet and pretends to know what I am doing*. So when someone asked me about how they can progress and get seen by a build audience, I happily suggested Total Media. 

It is a media buying agency in London, who can help with all sorts from TV and radio to social media and SEO. They will help you plan out the best options for what you are trying to achieve and for those still clueless you will be in safe hands with their specialists.

She seemed quite interested in how simple it could be for someone to help do the 'hard' work for her, and is definitely thinking about going down that option.

5 Jun 2014

REVIEW: Sleeping Beauty

It is a story that begins with the birth of a princess, involves gifts from 3 fairies and a celebration that sadly goes wrong. When an evil sorceress places a curse upon the little Princess - that she will die on her 16th birthday after touching the poisoned spindle of a spinning wheel.  But maybe with a kiss from her one true love will awake the princess from a deep sleep. 

Sleeping Beauty a timeless classic, has been brought back on to the screen. Now available to buy on Disney Blu-ray™, DVD and Digital Download. As we sat watching the 75minute film, we had a few activity sheets to enjoy as well whilst listening to the beautiful music.

We are lucky to share one of the sheets with you right here.


With Maleficent a new studio film about the ultimate villain starring Angelina Jolie hitting cinemas 28th May, there has never been a better time to revisit this must-have classic. Own a piece of the magic on Blu-ray and DVD this summer.

*we were offered a copy on the DVD on loan to review - all opinions are still our own!

4 Jun 2014

Single Chain Loom Band Tutorial

Working with children you see things come and go, whether it be the latest football cards, marbles, Pokemon or crazy bones (remember those?!). The crazes of the playground, those things banned from the classroom but playtime is a different matter. 
It seems the latest trend, stopping children running around, enjoying some fresh air and getting active are these Loom Bands (yes all they are, are little coloured elastic bands) but these bands can create different patterns via different techniques to create bracelets, necklaces and key rings. Sadly it not so fun seeing most of the playground sitting around making such creations, when they should be burning off some energy but each to their own. 

After a bit of research and finding myself sporting a bracelet gifted to me. (See picture)
This basic chain seems simple enough. Most stores seem to now sell the basic starter packs - and this chain does NOT require the loom frame.

Double over your first band and slide onto the c-clip.
Now with rubber band #2 slide it halfway through rubber band #1.
Grab the two sides of #2 and hold them together. 
Slide #3 halfway through #2 and hold onto the two sides of #3
Continue the method of sliding each band through the next - keeping hold of the latest one to stop them slipping. 
Create any pattern you like and continue to a length that happily fits round the wrist without being too tight. 
Simply finish but putting the two side of the last band onto the c-clip.

There you have it, your very own single chain loom bracelet.

3 Jun 2014

My new buy

After years of putting up and carrying around first a laptop then a chrome book.
Officially finishing education (for now at least) I didn't need a laptop anymore.
With that in mind I decided to do some research.

I had always admired apple products, leaving my iPhone a year ago I was apple-less and missing IOS software hugely. So first port of call was checking out the iPads, but which one ?!?! 

Did I really want a full sized one, all I was going to use it for was blogging and social media when I didn't want to use my phone. 
So maybe a mini one would be ok.

Now anyone that knows me will know I like to save money, so the plan sell my chrome book and use the money towards a ipad. Amazingly I got a brilliant deal on my new pad. I can quite honestly say, it has been everything I need at the moment. The ability to blog again and keep up to date with everything else just in time for the big blogging events.

Now what are your app recommendations ?? 

2 Jun 2014

Time for a goodbye

I realise it seems like I have been neglecting this site for a while and the honest truth is yes I have.
Blocking off all external sources for several weeks now due to personal circumstances and also not having a decent wifi connection so trying to blog was almost impossible. I have been doing some serious thinking about what I want to do now. 
Come end of July when the site is up for renewal, I will be saying goodbye to CookieJarLife and jump start the next chapter. A new focus, less of the commercial stuff and more of the community stuff - I miss the commenting, photography and sharing the stuff I love.
Because I did not want to just post a boring ramble of what is going on in my head, I decided to share the pretty things currently on my shelf. After moving I have found I have more space and with that all the bits that have been stuck in the bottom of a box have finally made an appearance.
As well as some pretty origami flowers (tutorial to come soon) to bring a splash of colour to the place.