16 Feb 2015

Somewhere over the rainbow

Well this was a first...
Never have I seen an actual rainbow grow.
I have seen rainbows appear and fade, 
And been stunned by the colours.
But watching across the ocean, this rainbow grew...
And grew... And grew!
Then it moved, as the rain came towards the shore,
Typically the rainbow moved towards us.
It was quite surreal,
and I have never seen it quite like that.

12 Feb 2015

Back seat to blogging

So it's obvious that I haven't been blogging, not like before.
I kept thinking about coming back,
Starting a new, picking up where I left off or walking away completely.

Finding the right words is always a challenge,
Watching life slowly pass by...
I found myself using other networks,
To share my little snapshots of life.
I was quite content with that,
There was more love and sense of community,
I didn't need to go and promote myself,
My friends are already there and they can comment if they want.

But I want to come back to blogging,
This bugbear in the back of my mind that can't just stop,
Can't just walk away.
I miss rambling away, and the chance is no one is reading.
But I like that, 

So here I am.
With a bit of a change, 
Whether it will stick, I do not know. 
Let's wait and see.

1 Feb 2015

Origami flowers in 10 steps

What you need:
- 5x 3"x3" squares of paper.
- 1x pipe cleaner
- flower tape
- hot glue gun
- 1x button

Lets get making:

1. Colour side down fold in half corner to corner.

2. Bring the two sides to meet in the middle.

3. Flatten out the folded side.

4. Fold down the small triangle seen at top of now folded sides.

5. Fold back together and use hot glue gun to stick together.
(May need to hold it together til glue dries to ensure it doesn't come apart)

6. Continue steps above to make up total of 5 petals.

7. Using flower tape, cover pipe cleaner to create length wanted.

8. Stick 3 or 4 petals together by putting small amounts of glue down edges.

9. Glue pipe cleaner into the middle of the petals and add remaining petals.
(Ensure it doesn't stick out from top of petals)

10. Using a button glue in the middle of flower to make it look pretty and tidy.

And ta-Dah you should have your first origami flower!?

Did you try it? Be sure to share your attempts! 

19 Jan 2015

Birthday Plans

I'm a sucker for making life easier, this year there are many big events taking place including my 21st birthday. So there is lots of organising to take place,  my Pinterest boards are slowly filling up, there are ideas all over the place. If I can do it with minimal effort I will, luckily with the help of online shopping things can be done, I can look for great deals and I don't even have to leave the house! win-win right?!

So what are my plans so far: 

Entertainment - I have always wanted a photo booth, that people can muck about with and get some awesome photos! As I don't want to be the one carrying a camera around like normal.

Food - well as long as there is cake I am happy.

Drink - well it is my 21st so guess there better be something alcoholic ;)

Then I realised thanks to Tesco I can even have my wine delivered by the case, whether I want a particular wine or a mixed case. This does seem to be the best wine delivery uk, and saves me pushing around a trolley of heavy bottles and trying to get them home without breaking them. Yes I am clumsy! There happens to be some amazing deals, so I won't have to break the bank either. Another win in my books!

Goodie Bags - lots of sweets and I can even treat my guest to small bottle to take away as a token of thanks, what's better than a decent bit of cake and a glass of wine in the evening. 

*Contributed by Tesco